Business Travel Mistakes to Avoid

According to an article on, there are some major pitfalls to avoid when travelling on business. These include: Never fly anything other than non-stop – If you do, you double the likelihood of encountering delays and cancellations. Nev...Read more

Translator App a Boon for Business Travellers

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Corporate Customers Fill Sydney Hotels

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World’s Best Airport Announced

Skytrax has announced this year’s airport champions in the annual World Airport Awards. The accolade of best Australian airport has been awarded to Brisbane, according to The Australian airport rankings continued with Melbourne being a...Read more

Taking a Break from a Stressful Job

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How to Mix Business and Pleasure on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an extremely popular destination for business as well as pleasure, and the following looks at how to mix the two to achieve the greatest effect. Stay Close to the Action If you are heading to the Gold Coast on business and want to try to...Read more

Making the Most of a Brisbane Business Trip

Brisbane has fast become one of the most vibrant parts of Australia, and apart from the thriving food, arts and culture scenes, the Queensland capital has been attracting business interest from all over the world as well. If you are one of the many now he...Read more

Luggage for the Corporate Traveller

Any time you go travelling, it is important to have the right kind of luggage with you, but especially if you do a lot of travel as part of your work or business. The right luggage can make an enormous difference, and the following luggage is perfect for ...Read more

6 Essential Tips for Business Travellers On Extended Stays

As a regular business traveller the novelty and thrill of visiting other cities  may loose it’s charm for you. More often that not you will be focused on getting in, doing the jobs that’s needed, getting out and getting back into your routine at home...Read more

How to Make an Extended Business Trip Worthwhile

For some executive business people, long stay business trips are not uncommon. These trips are usually a priority for your business, with important agendas and targeted outcomes. As an executive, your time is valuable and, most likely, already stretched. ...Read more