If You Have to Fly for Business, Know How to Make it Good

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If you have to fly for work and have the unfortunate luck to score long haul in economy, there are ways to improve the experience:

      • Booking a better seat is the first tip from the Sydney Morning Herald. SeatGuru will help you find the seats with more legroom and away from the toilets.
  • If you are a frequent business class flyer, airlines may wish to keep you happy by giving you a seat next to a second empty one, which you can then utilise during the flight. It’s worth asking when you check in.
  • The meal arrangements in economy can be a disappointment if you’re used to the flexibility of business class. Ordering one of the kosher or vegetarian meals will get you served before other passengers and there’s a good chance you’ll get a better dish too.
  • To add a bit of business class luxury to your economy status, take your own noise-cancelling headphones or earphones. Prepare for a long flight by putting films and television series on your laptop so that you are guaranteed to have something good to watch.
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